Brown rice sugar,
a wise choice
on health ground

Brown rice sugar is one of the best substitutes for common sugar that many of the heath conscious people opt for. It can be used for taming the blood sugar level and that too without compromising with the taste of food. Brown rice syrup sugar is produced through a process in which brown rice is broken down with a unique enzyme preparation and turned into a sweet liquid extract. This syrup is healthy and smooth-buttery flavoured which makes it an ideal choice to use in baking and desserts. To produce brown rice sugar commercially, brown rice flour is cooked with dried barley malt which converts the starch present in brown rice into sugar. After straining off the liquid, rest of the product is cooked and the desired consistency is obtained.

Brown rice syrup sugar does not contain cholesterol and fat. The primary ingredient of brown rice sugar substitutes is brown rice. The rice comes with its intact barn and this makes it good source of fibre. This is why brown rice sugar when used in various food stuff, makes them a better choice than high-sugar, low-fibre meals. The bran of brown rice also contains various vital nutrients like magnesium, manganese, and zinc.

Brown rice sugar comes with lots of health benefits. It is used as a nutritive sweetener and an ideal choice for those who are diabetic and those who want to keep their intake of sugar under control. Brown rice sugar, in the form of brown rice syrup can be used in various ways, in the food stuff, ice-cream, pan cakes, coffee and tea and so on. When it is about getting the equivalent level of sweetness without shooting up your blood sugar level, brown rice sugar is the choice of health conscious folks.

Brown rice sugar content present in brown rice does not add any extra kilos to the body weight like normal sugar. That is why consuming food with brown sugar you remain free from all worries of any negative health impact. Moreover, it offers you the same taste as normal sugar which means you do not have any reason to compromise with your taste buds.

Brown rice sugar is used in a variety of food items like cakes, pies, cookies, puddings and in bakes good it is added to provide a crisper texture. It comes with a mild taste and it is made by cooking down brown rice grains along with various enzymes and turning it into a thick liquid. Brown rice syrup, half sweet as sugar, is made up of complex carbohydrates and widely used in cooking and beverages. Baked goods are made crispy using brown rice sugar. A big advantage of brown rice syrup sugar is being made of complex sugars it does not get absorbed into our digestive system and the bloodstream easily. This is why consumption of this sugar does not cause a rapid increase of sugar level in the blood like your common sugar. Brown rice sugar is available at the online market places from the suppliers of brown rice sugar substitute at competitive prices.